Hyro The Hero - Bullet

About the track
Playlist:Black & Loud
Official Music Video for "Bullet" by Hyro The Hero from the new album ‘Flagged Channel’. Stream/Buy ‘Flagged Channel’ here: https://RED.lnk.to/FlaggedChannelAS Listen on Spotify: https://RED.lnk.to/FlaggedChannelAS/Spotify Listen on Apple Music: https://RED.lnk.to/FlaggedChannelAS/applemusic Get it on Amazon: https://RED.lnk.to/FlaggedChannel/Amazon Sign up for email updates & tour dates at http://hyrothehero.com Follow here: http://Instagram.com/HyroTheHero http://Facebook.com/HyroTheHero http://Twitter.com/HyroTheHero Directed by Bryson Roatch. Song lyrics VERSE 1 They keep fucking with the Innocent treat us different even though we citizens fight back now they trynna call us militant when we just voice our opinion Time to set fire to the flame they ignited either we get justice or you get a riot we tried to be peaceful but all you know is violence anyway it goes we won't be silent 2X you let beast up out a cage CHORUS 2X I got a bullet with your name and Iʼm gonna And shots until I hit your brain I said that I VERSE 2 Fuck a picket sign or a protest feeling of unrest has got a nigga upset took everything I got got nothing left Only my Anger was kept Anger had risen Mother fuck the Judge’s decision Said he wasn't guilty when the footage showed different now we all mob me through the streets on a mission we want justice for the victims 2X You let a beast up outta cage CHORUS 2X BRIDGE Wake up my people against the forces of evil Wake up my people The collapse of the eagle Wake up my people Wake up my people 4X Wake up my people Against the forces of evil The collapse of the eagle CHORUS